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Emptying my fridge

Alright, I went grocery shopping with my mom today and before I left I made my meal plan for this coming week and did up my grocery list. I then looked in my fridge and freezer and decided that I really need to use the stuff that I've had in my freezer for too long. It doesn't make sense to buy more when I have food that needs to be eaten.

I still had the left overs from my stuffed bell peppers... I wonder if it's even still good haha. We will find out tomorrow. So things I need to use: tilapia, salmon fillets, beef/rice/bean mixture from stuffed bell peppers, and veggies.

I also have soup in the freezer but I only made that a few weeks ago and it's high in carbs so that will have to be eaten on a high carb week since I am trying an 'accelerated fat loss' meal plan from Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle. I'm pretty excited to see if I can stick to it since anyone who follows my blog will have noticed that diet is my downfall when it comes to will power.

I will take pictures of my meals and do up a blog post next weekend. It's amazing how little you have to buy when you're actually using food you already have haha.


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