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Planning for a night out

Happy Saturday everyone! I went out last night for a friend's birthday. We went for dinner and then to the bar to go dancing.

We went out for Indian food and it's a buffet so I knew that I would be eating lots of carbs and more calories in one sitting than I normally do. So I planned out my meals yesterday
to allow me to enjoy my dinner and not feel guilty about it - other than how full I felt haha. I only went up once for the buffet but I did go up for the dessert buffet. I took a bit of everything but didn't eat all of it. I ate about half of each and if it wasn't really good I set it aside because it wasn't worth the calories to me.

I worked out before work so I had a hearty breakfast: spinach omelet with avocado toast. For morning snack I had an apple and cottage cheese, and 'lunch' was some rotisserie chicken and raw veggies. I did get hungry in between so I had a pack of Calbee snapea crisps. All of this is about 800 calories allowing me to eat 900+ for dinner. Sounds pretty good right?

I'll admit that being sick has reduced my appetite so it's making it easier to make it through the day on fewer calories. This is probably also a controversial approach to managing calories but it works for me and a lot of other healthy eaters use this method on days they know they're going out or when it comes to holiday dinners.

Do you plan anything special for what could be high calorie days? What do you do?


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