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Steak wrap

I'm obviously not feeling good if I go from 11:45AM to almost 4PM without eating haha. I'm usually counting down the minutes until my next break so I can eat.

I did indulge on a cinnamon bun for morning snack but I picked the chunks of sugar and butter out because it was too sweet. Clearly I've fallen off the 'no sugar' train but I have certainly reduced how much I'm consuming. I will aim to have zero treats tomorrow but I'm going to a buffet on Friday night so I already know I'll be having some desserts.

Today I had this amazing steak wrap for lunch. I cooked the steak up on Sunday evening and made enough for two meals. I cooked it sliced so that it would cook faster rather than cooking it whole and then slicing it. I pan fried it with fresh garlic and BBQ sauce.

For the wrap I used a whole grain wrap and put a bunch of romaine leaves in there, rolled it up and voila. Because the steak already had BBQ sauce I didn't put any other condiments on it but you can't go wrong with a lil' mustard.

In the background are my baby carrots which I munched one before and after my lunch break and I had my half a banana shortly before the end of my shift when I was starting to get hangry.

Always be prepared!!! Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. If I'm going out for the day I take my lunch kit with me packed with healthy snacks and meals so that if I'm not able to stop somewhere that has good food choices I won't be forced to make bad decisions. I'll do a blog post on the weekend about what I take along with me.

-- Kelsey


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