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I went camping this past week from Tuesday evening to Friday afternoon. I'll admit that I over indulged this week but I'm pulling the reins in a bit today since I have a BBQ to attend. I worked out on Tuesday before camping, did cardio and abs on Wednesday in the campsite, took a rest day on Thursday, and worked out yesterday after I got home. I have this thing where I have to earn my shower. I was in desperate need of a shower since it was so hot the last few days so I wanted to do a quick workout before having one. I ended up doing 50 minutes of The Fitness Marshall's dance videos and my core is nice and sore today. 

I find camping so peaceful. The above picture is my idea of a perfect afternoon: a beer in one hand, a good book in the other, and the sun shining on me. All I was missing was my guitar but I didn't want to risk it getting warped from the heat and humidity.

If you're a camper you probably know that camping means hot dogs/smokies and drinking. So what I tried to do was eat healthy for breakfast, lunch, and snacks so I could indulge for dinner and have a few beers or a glass of wine around the fire. I do notice that I'm either bloated or gained some pudge overall but a week of good eating will help reduce that feeling for me.

Breakfast #1 I had oatmeal with half a scoop of protein powder and fresh strawberries. I think I also had a hard boiled egg when I finished this because I was still a bit hungry.

I did have a smokie for lunch one day so I made sure to have a big bowl of green leaf lettuce fresh from my grandma's garden.

Breakfast #2 was one of my usual breakfasts: apple with cottage cheese and cereal. We didn't have a grater out there so I just chopped the apple into small pieces.

Breakfast #3 was a slice of whole grain/wheat bread, 2 hard boiled eggs, and half an apple.

It is possible to still eat healthy while camping but I also like to enjoy the little things in life like a smokie made over the fire :) Life's about balance, in all aspects. Find yours.

-- Kelsey


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