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It's finally summer!!

What a great weekend and I'm super late with posting this haha. I started it on Monday and have been busy since! I started slo pitch the other week so I have that on Tuesday evenings and then Monday evening was one of my best friend's birthday dinner. 

On Friday evening I went to my cousin's place for a BBQ in her back yard. It was a BYOM to grill kind of deal so I had actually brought one of my salmon burgers with broccoli but my aunt brought a box of sirloin burgers and I just had to try one. I did input all of my food from Friday but didn't count the booze since I know I'm over.

We had these delicious macarons for dessert from Jenna Rae Cakes in Winnipeg. They have an assortment of flavors and different ones every day. These were lemon curd, cotton candy, fruity pebbles, strawberry marshmallows, and blueberry french toast. They were cut in half so we could all try some so I tried the strawberry marshmallow and fruity pebbles ones, and they tasted exactly like their namesakes.

On Saturday I did a total body circuit and had such a good sweat (above picture was Friday) and then I went to my dad's to hang out with him around the pool at the apartment complex he lives in. It was HOT all weekend and I loved it. It's actually been stifling all week so it's been a pretty sweaty ordeal for me. I had a shower this morning before work and I felt like I needed another one by the time I got there.

On Sunday I went swimming with my family at my dad's pool again and then we headed to mom's place a few blocks away for a BBQ dinner. I ended up cooking everything and it felt great to know everyone enjoyed it :) While the potatoes were cooking for dinner I threw my chicken breasts and veggies on the grill for my lunches this week. I did the peppers directly on the grill because I love the charred taste and the crisp lines, mmmm.

When I got home I prepped containers for three days and put the rest in the freezer which I pulled out this morning so I could prep the rest for tomorrow and Friday.

I've been really switching my meals up lately and it was much needed. Broccoli and asparagus are my go-to's for cooked veggies and I still really like my salads with chicken breast.

Remember that if you want to be successful in leading a healthy lifestyle and eating clean that you have to meal prep otherwise you're going to make poor food choices. Having it ready means you can eat it within minutes and you'll feel great about your choice and you'll feel great too! Keep veggies in your fridge for snacking on if you need something after dinner. Keep fruit on handy when you're craving something sweet. BE PREPARED! I can't stress it enough.

What are you favorite things to grill?



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