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Quinoa salad and hummus

I was at Costco yesterday to return some fuzzy (moldy) avocados and I wanted to pick up some hummus. On my way to the coolers I walked past their pre-mixed salads and saw this quinoa salad. I know it's more cost efficient to make it myself but I wanted something quick.

I bought this quinoa salad and it's quite tasty. It's 280 calories per 1 cup, 39g carbs, 9g fat, 12g protein. I had 1.5 cups of this for lunch with no extra protein so I'll edit later to let you know how full it kept me.

My friend brought these little hummus containers for camping over the long weekend and I really liked them. So I picked them up while I was there as well because I was craving it after eating it on the weekend. I initially wanted snap peas to dip into it but they were out so I went with carrots instead.

Per individual container they're 130 calories, 10g carbs, 9g fat, and 4g protein. It was the same price for about 250g less than the 2 pack but I like that it's pre-portioned and I don't have to dirty extras dishes or containers. Perfect for on the go!


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