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Need my veggies

I've been sick for over a week... I missed four days of work last week and I'm left with a dry cough and some of that awesome phlegm that I cough up in the morning. I peeled myself off of the couch on Friday to get some groceries and much needed produce.

I like Special K on top of my grated apple and cottage cheese. It adds such a nice crunch and complements the flavors so nice! And it was on sale, even better.

I previously bought the mushroom broth from Costco and absolutely loved it for my quinoa and rice. Use it in place of water for the directions and you have a tasty new way of eating your carbs! This last trip I bought the vegetable broth because it was only $2 more than the mushroom broth and it came with two more litres than the mushroom. I also just wanted to try something different for once.

The spinach gets sauteed and put on top of my avocado toast with my eggs. Cucumber and hummus is a tasty snack when you want something quick and nutritious. And I've used the broccoli this week to mix with rice and beans or quinoa. Bake it at 425F for 15 minutes after you toss it with olive oil, fresh garlic, and salt and pepper. Give it a shake halfway through. I like my broccoli still a bit crispy so 15 minutes is enough for me but you can bake it more if you like it more tender.

I've been focusing on eating more veggies lately (again) and I've been doing a really good job. I'm eating veggies at least three times a day, and each meal or snack has 1-2 servings. I notice that I feel so much better when I'm eating more vegetables, you should try it!

I took rest days Monday to Thursday last week and did upper body on Friday, legs at the gym on Saturday, and some Fitness Marshall videos on Saturday. Yesterday and today are rest days because I just want this cold gone already. I've definitely worn this onesie in this past week, you should invest in one. Alright, back to my Netflix with my kitties. I hope you're having a wonderful week :)



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