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Let's Try This Sugar Detox Thing...

Alright, it's no secret that I LOVE sugar. I love it in pretty much any form: chocolate, candy, cookies, ice cream, CINNAMON BUNS 😍: you name it. I love it.

I mentioned in my post about Mexico how I lost weight while on vacation and how great I was feeling by the time I got back. I was thinking it was due to dairy but after reading an article a woman wrote about cutting out added sugar for 30 days, it occurred to me that most of my symptoms/complaints are things that sugar causes: bloating, sugar cravings, cravings for carbs carbs carbs, and weight gain, just to name a few.

I've quit sugar before and that was the leanest I've ever been in the nearly 5 years that I've been working out regularly. With summer coming up I think it makes sense to do a sugar detox and get myself feeling better.

Yes I'm doing this so I feel great in a bikini this summer but I'm also doing it for the other benefits. I hate being hungry ALLLL the freakin' time. I will eat a healthy, wholesome meal and will feel (feel being the keyword here) hungry within half an hour. How can that be when I've just put wholesome, nutritious food into my body?

This being said, I often write things on here with every intention of following it and it just doesn't happen 😒 I'm the worst at self control. My cousins and I joke at family dinners that it's all or nothing because they're the same way. They either go balls-to-the-wall and gorge in everything or just avoid the excessive food and desserts altogether.

I've been tracking my food on MFP again and I have actually been putting in everything I'm eating. I'm under my calorie target for the day but have definitely had a treat or two every day this week... and weekend (let's not talk about the weekend.)

I'm going to be honest and track everything but am going to try my darndest to kick this addiction. I find it hilarious that I quit smoking cigarettes 5 years ago this coming June and I find this harder!

If anyone wants to join me in the 30 day detox please join me on my Facebook page or on Instagram. I'll be posting a 'story' on IG to check in every night and celebrate in making it through a day or confess to my sins.

Let's do this!!


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