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My New Fitness Gadget (yes, another one)

Earlier this year I got a Polar Loop 2 because I already had the Polar A300. I like the look of the Loop and it was pretty accurate for daily activity and calories burned. However, it was annoying having to sync each device on a different phone because the Loop isn't compatible with my LG G4. Luckily I still had my Galaxy S5 to sync it with so I didn't always have to connect it to the computer to sync data.

I do like Polar and I think their products are great but they didn't have what I was looking for: I wanted something slim that I can wear on my non-watch wrist so I can still wear my pretty watches, which are my favorite accessory.

So, the other day I got an email from my bank's rewards program and they had a sale on some of the items. So a-shopping I went!

I've been eyeing up Fitbits for a while because I know quite a few people that own one and are quite happy with them. I settled on the Alta HR because it's slim and does almost everything the Charge does.

I've had it since Wednesday evening and I love it. I love that I don't have to switch between devices to track my workouts with heart rate tracking. The Loop automatically tracks workouts but isn't heart rate based and just marks it was 'walking'.

I'm also quite happy with the app - it has so much that it tracks for you. It also integrates with My Fitness Pal so I don't have to enter stuff twice. It puts my calories burned in My Fitness Pal and my food intake carries into the Fitbit app. Neato gang!

You can input all your goals for exercise - days per week and minutes per day. You can also set steps and your sleep time so you get a reminder to go to sleep, because sometimes we lose track of time!

I still like my Polar products but I wanted something that was an all in one - non-bulky activity tracker so I can wear it like a bracelet and still wear my watch, and something that tracks my workouts with heart rate.

Which activity tracker do you have? How many have you had?

-- Kelsey


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