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My 2018 So Far

Hello! I hope everyone is doing well and you're crushing your goals. I hope you had a chance to check out my travel blog about our trip to New Zealand. If you haven't and you'd like to see the pictures, the link is www.kelseystravelpics.blogspot.ca. Can we also just take a moment to talk about how long January felt?! I swear it felt like 3 months, and now February and March just zoomed by.

I've been struggling with my workouts the past few months so have been quiet on my Instagram and on here. I just haven't been making exercise a priority and I have to change that. Saturdays used to be my 'go hard' days and I can't seem to get a workout in at all on weekends. I also stopped working out as soon as I get home after work so I'll be getting back into that.

I started a part time course in January so I'm in class once a week and I've been making the mistake of not working out on Wednesday and then I end up missing Thursday as well since class is 6PM-10PM. I only have 40 minutes to an hour between when I get home and when I need to leave. Thing #2 I need to work out.

I write about these things because I want you to know that you're not alone when you fall off track. It happens to everyone. The important thing is that you don't give up and you just get back into it. Make your grocery list and meal prep. Find a workout program that interests you and is something you enjoy. And then get. to. it.

I took this picture a few days before leaving for NZ. I didn't feel very good about myself on the trip and it's just more motivation to get back into gear lol. However, I enjoy food and I always say life is too short to not enjoy the things you like. And man, did I enjoy things in NZ haha. I had a specialty coffee every day, sometimes two. I also had a cinnamon bun or scone or something sweet whenever we stopped for coffee. I was on vacay.. I indulged. 😊

I haven't been creating anything new lately but I'm still eating delicious food! Above is a veggie quesadilla that I made a few weeks ago. I sauteed up some veg before putting it in a tortilla. I used our new grill but it squeezed the cheese out. So... lesson learned. I need my cheese INSIDE my quesadilla. I also made some homemade guacamole to enjoy with it.

This is a tofu scramble. I make this a few times a month because it's so darn easy and it's super versatile. You can basically use whatever veggies you have in your fridge. You can swap our the tofu for eggs, chicken, or ground beef too if you want. I use Indian spices in mine but you can always add your favorite herbs and spices.

I was addicted to avocado toast with diced tomatoes before we left. I had it every day, sometimes twice a day for like 3 weeks. It's so easy to make, it's vegan, and it's friggin' delicious. I guess I ran out of tomatoes this day but this was a Saturday breakfast. Tarun and I take turns making breakfast on weekends and it's usually eggs in some form with veggies, and hashbrowns and toast. Pancakes and French toast also make it onto the menu. Whatever we're in the mood for.

Let me know what foods/meals you've been digging this year!

As always, thanks for reading!

-- Kelsey


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