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Hey folks, I realized I haven't written about Usana on my blog yet. I do have a link at the top of my page with the Pages but if you're interested in looking at the catalogue here is the link: www.kelseyschick.usana.com

I started selling Usana a year ago this month and mostly promote it on Instagram and Facebook. I started with the Cellsentials and Procosa supplements and noticed a difference within a few weeks. I've mentioned in my posts that the first thing I noticed were my nails. They used to be so flaky and weak. They would flip back but wouldn't break so I'd have a line across my nail and it would hurt, a lot. Now they're smooth and hard and healthy. I don't remember them ever being like this.

Most people notice how much more energy they have when taking these vitamins. Now I notice a little bit of a difference but I have a lot of sleep issues. So vitamins can only do so much for me with that lol.

I like Usana products because the founder of the company is renowned microbiologist and immunologist, Dr. Myron Wentz, All of the products are pharmaceutical grade, meaning what's listed on the bottle is actually what you're taking. The cheap vitamins you buy in the store are food grade - this means that what you're consuming could be either more than what is listed or none of what is listed for ingredients. What's the point of buying and taking them if they could be nothing pills?

Usana also uses ingredients that are more bioavailable for your body - meaning your body uses and absorbs the nutrients better than other supplements. To me it just makes sense to use products that actually do something. There are also quite a few athletes that use Usana products. This is a big deal because athletes tend to not use supplements because if they test positive for illegal substances it can ruin them Usana has a guarantee that they use only the ingredients listed and none of them are banned or listed as performance enhancing. Good enough for athletes, good enough for me!!

I continue to take my Cellsentials every day but am on a half dosage of one of each, twice a day. I switch up the optimizer depending on what's going on with my body and health. Poly C is great for fending off those viruses that go around the office multiple times a month. I think on my next order I'll be getting some Biomega (fish oil). And I'll also be getting the Sense Basics pack. I've been trying something new and it just isn't working. I'll do a before and after post when I get them and have been using them for a bit.

Check out my Usana website for more information or just shoot me a message! You can message me on any of my social media (use the icons at the top of my blog for links) or just comment on here! :)

-- Kelsey


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