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Busy busy

I realized today it's been a while since I did a post. I've been crazy busy lately - who knew how busy a single girl's life could be? HA! I've been going to BBQ's like crazy on the weekends: one this past weekend, one the previous, and 2 the weekend before that. It's been finally nice weather-wise lately so I've been jumping at every chance to be outside and hang out with friends and family. I've been trying very hard to stick to the clean eating at these things. I was soooo bad the week I stopped calorie counting and I'm starting to tone up again. The first thing I notice is the definition on my obliques from doing ZWOWs regularly and my tummy is becoming flatter as well. I still have a bad habit of over eating while at work and this is something I'm working on. It's weird because I tend to eat better on late shifts? I don't get it haha. Maybe it's because I eat my breakfast later. I did take some pictures a few weeks ago so mayb