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Zumba Faves

My weekends and February's workout schedule

I've been really enjoying the last few weekends with friends. Last weekend we went to an ice fishing derby that my boyfriend's company hosted - we didn't catch anything but it was a beautiful winter day to be outside. That wrapped up around 3PM so we got back to the city and decided to check out Festival De Voyageur. It was muddy and wet everywhere but was neat to be there since I hadn't been since I was 8. Ate some junk food, had a few beers, and watched the band perform a few songs.

Coconut Chips

When I was in Maui a year ago we stopped somewhere along the "Road to Hana" where there was a tiny coffee shop and a guy selling coconut chips outside his house. He had 5 or 6 flavors to choose from so I got vanilla and another one that I can't remember. And my dad got the volcano flavor which was a mix of sweet and spicy, and quite delightful. I looked up a recipe shortly after I got home from the trip and haven't actually tried it... until today.

New recipes!

A while ago I decided I eat too much of the same thing and it was getting monotonous so for my birthday and or Christmas I asked for a cook book. I had asked for either the Oh She Glows cook book or Thug Kitchen's first cook book as I wasn't sure at the time. My aunt got me a gift card instead though because it's cheaper to order online than purchase in store. So I ended up getting the Oh She Glows one.