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Zumba Faves

Life Update

Hey everyone. Life has been absolutely crazy this year. I'm working on my Business Analyst Certification and am doing it online. The course I started in April, I neglected and ended up having to get an extension on. My dad passed away suddenly over the May long weekend from a stroke after 4 days in the hospital. My 2.5 year relationship was on the rocks for months as well and finally ended in June. Luckily I have an amazing support system from my insanely supportive and amazing family and friends. As well as my kitties that provide healing cuddles and love. I was trying to spend more time outside since it was summer and the summers can be pretty short here in Winnipeg. If it's nice outside I'll opt for a walk rather than my scheduled workout. I'm still trying to do my weights three times a week though. These walks outside have resulted in a tan (even though I  use sunscreen) and beautiful pictures of Winnipeg. At the duck pond at Assiniboine Park.


Hey folks, I realized I haven't written about Usana on my blog yet. I do have a link at the top of my page with the Pages but if you're interested in looking at the catalogue here is the link: I started selling Usana a year ago this month and mostly promote it on Instagram and Facebook. I started with the Cellsentials and Procosa supplements and noticed a difference within a few weeks. I've mentioned in my posts that the first thing I noticed were my nails. They used to be so flaky and weak. They would flip back but wouldn't break so I'd have a line across my nail and it would hurt, a lot. Now they're smooth and hard and healthy. I don't remember them ever being like this. Most people notice how much more energy they have when taking these vitamins. Now I notice a little bit of a difference but I have a lot of sleep issues. So vitamins can only do so much for me with that lol. I like Usana products because the founder o

Black Bean Brown Rice Burgers

I have tried a few veggie burger recipes and they usually crumble and don't stay together. I found this recipe and made some changes. Mostly because I like adding veggies when possible because it can be hard to eat enough in a day. Again I didn't take pictures because I was being lazy and was trying to get them done fast. I made these on Sunday morning while waiting for breakfast to be delivered (it was Indian food, a ton of calories, and soooo delicious!). These turned out fairly well but they could have used more herbs and spices. I definitely added enough garlic 😷 I started writing this so long ago that I forget the measurements! But here is an approximate recipe: 1.5 c. or 15 oz can (drained) black beans, half mashed 1 c. cooked brown rice 1 c. spinach, chopped 1/3 c. frozen corn, microwaved for a bit to half cook them 2 T of salsa 1 egg 1 c. bread crumbs half a small onion, chopped finely 1-2 cloves of garlic, chopped finely salt a

My 2018 So Far

Hello! I hope everyone is doing well and you're crushing your goals. I hope you had a chance to check out my travel blog about our trip to New Zealand. If you haven't and you'd like to see the pictures, the link is . Can we also just take a moment to talk about how long January felt?! I swear it felt like 3 months, and now February and March just zoomed by. I've been struggling with my workouts the past few months so have been quiet on my Instagram and on here. I just haven't been making exercise a priority and I have to change that. Saturdays used to be my 'go hard' days and I can't seem to get a workout in at all on weekends. I also stopped working out as soon as I get home after work so I'll be getting back into that. I started a part time course in January so I'm in class once a week and I've been making the mistake of not working out on Wednesday and then I end up missing Thursday as well sin

Trip to New Zealand!

Hey friends! I decided to make a separate travel blog to post about my travels. This year was New Zealand. I just got back yesterday so I'm working on each day with lots of pictures but I have to first two days posted about already. Click here to check it out!

My Newest Addiction...

Hello everyone! I hope you're well and surviving the winter. Only.... 4 more months here 😆 Today I'm writing about - MAKEUP! I started dabbling with makeup in my early teens but honestly wasn't very good at it (like every 13 year old) and didn't like caking the stuff on. I also rarely had the time in the morning to do it because I was always running late. I started wearing daily make up again a few years ago and I love how it makes me feel. Before I go further I want to state that I'm not afraid to go out without makeup, I still feel beautiful without it, and it doesn't define me or who I am. I just love how you can play with your look and the confidence that comes with it. I also enjoy the process now of picking my colors and creating the look. Also, when I say "daily makeup", I mean eye shadow, eye liner, and mascara. Nothing fancy and usually was one eye shadow color. My new obsession started when I looked up a tutorial on how to do a sm

Buddha Bowl

I've been trying really hard to meal prep and take healthy, wholesome lunches to work so last week I whipped up these Buddha bowls. A Buddha bowl is basically a bowl of some kind of grain, cooked veggies, and sauce. Possibly the same as a dragon bowl? I'm not sure but they're both delicious.

Walking to work

Hola! I've been walking to work for 5 years now, in all seasons. So I've learned a thing or two about how to dress for all types of weather and wanted to share for anyone who wants to walk to work or is starting to and isn't sure what to wear. I walk most days, unless it's pouring rain, super windy (I LOATHE wind), or it's blizzarding or the sidewalks aren't cleared. On the days I don't walk I'll take my car but parking is a pain unless I'm on the early shift. I can get the boyfriend to drop me off as long as I'm ready to leave at the same time as him, as well as get him to pick me up. Sometimes the roommate drops me off too if we're leaving at the same time.

Kelsey - the Grill Master

I have been grilling up a storm the past few days. I bought my boyfriend this grill for Christmas because he misses being able to BBQ but I think I'm more excited about this thing than he is. The picture below was from my lunch yesterday. I made it before work and it was the easiest thing. It took a few minutes to preheat, I threw the burger on and continued getting ready, and it was done 5 minutes later.