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Zumba Faves

Buddha Bowl

I've been trying really hard to meal prep and take healthy, wholesome lunches to work so last week I whipped up these Buddha bowls. A Buddha bowl is basically a bowl of some kind of grain, cooked veggies, and sauce. Possibly the same as a dragon bowl? I'm not sure but they're both delicious.

Walking to work

Hola! I've been walking to work for 5 years now, in all seasons. So I've learned a thing or two about how to dress for all types of weather and wanted to share for anyone who wants to walk to work or is starting to and isn't sure what to wear. I walk most days, unless it's pouring rain, super windy (I LOATHE wind), or it's blizzarding or the sidewalks aren't cleared. On the days I don't walk I'll take my car but parking is a pain unless I'm on the early shift. I can get the boyfriend to drop me off as long as I'm ready to leave at the same time as him, as well as get him to pick me up. Sometimes the roommate drops me off too if we're leaving at the same time.

Kelsey - the Grill Master

I have been grilling up a storm the past few days. I bought my boyfriend this grill for Christmas because he misses being able to BBQ but I think I'm more excited about this thing than he is. The picture below was from my lunch yesterday. I made it before work and it was the easiest thing. It took a few minutes to preheat, I threw the burger on and continued getting ready, and it was done 5 minutes later.