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Food! Woohoo!

Wow, my fridge was bare after being away last week lol. I took most of the food with me that I knew would go bad - I hate wasting food yet I tend to over shop :/ (working on it) For some reason I was especially excited to go tonight. You know you're a foodie when... =D I bought a lot of the same 'ol stuff but added a few other things that were on sale. baby corn salsa romaine cottage cheese light cream cheese mushrooms spinach carrots shredded unsweetened coconuts tomatoes radishes raisins avocados hummus sundried black olives (yum!) strawberries unsweetened vanilla almond milk coffee (not in picture) coffee creamer (they're amazing in iced coffee!!) How's everyone's summer going? I'm on vacation and this is the second week. I've honestly been having the greatest summer vacation in.. probably ever. Maybe it's because it's my first summer out of a shitty relationship but I've also been making myself go out of my comfor