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Zumba Faves

A new feeling!

Hello all! Yesterday was kind of exciting for me. I've always been a tom boy and despised skirts, dresses, pantyhose, etc. When I was little I would actually cry when my mom made me put on a dress and leggings. The few times that I did wear a dress, I felt completely uncomfortable and it shows in the pictures I look at. This is a picture of me dressed up for my birthday last year (December 2011) wearing a dress that my friend bought for me. I can tell that I'm a bit awkward and really not digging it. However, yesterday I was actually excited to wear a dress now that I'm noticing the awesome changes my body is making from all this hard work. I actually have a shapely butt. My thighs actually have muscle definition on the front. And I don't feel as self conscious about my tummy. (I'm still working on this, but this is the part of my body that I'm the least happy with). Here are the pictures of me from yesterday! I feel like I don't look awkwar

Arms and Abbies workout

Last night I just couldn't find a workout that I wanted to do. I want to start focusing on my arms more since I see everyone on the BR app has these amazing toned arms. (Check out Sarah's at , they're pretty awesome). So I made a workout so I could also use my equalizers since I feel like I haven't been using them like I should be. 3 rounds, 50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest burpee with pushup and upright row (sandbag) leg swing, back lunge, and ab tuck (equalizer) (swing your leg over the equalizer or chair) clean & press, squat and press (sandbag) hanging knee raises (equalizer) It was a great workout and I put on some good music (see my workout playlist tab) to jam to as a warm up and as some extra cardio at the end for a total workout of 25 minutes. Lots of sweat but I seem to be a really sweaty person lol. Good luck and let me know what you think of the workout if you do it! :) -- Kelsey

Insanity - Update

So... I did the Insanity fit test on Sunday and did the first workout on Monday. I thought Bodyrock made me sweat... I was proved once again the amounts of perspiration my body could emit. Now having said that, for the past year I've only been washing my hair every second day because it's long and it fries the ends. I have decided that I'm only going to do Insanity every second day (the evening before I wash my hair) because I felt so gross on Tuesday. I started writing this post on Thursday (and it's now 1:31AM on Sunday morning) and I did Insanity again today. I've only done it 3 times since Sunday but I swear that my stomach feels firmer. My diet could certainly be a bit cleaner so I haven't gotten the six pack results but I feel like these workouts are going to help A LOT! People often think they can just do crunches and that will tone up their midsection. From lots of research and experience, cardio and diet are what is going to help you achieve a flat

Workout Nutrition - The Ultimate Guide

I found this on Pinterest today. I've been doing this all wrong! I'm also happy to see that chocolate milk is "allowed" lol. I've confirmed this is good with my cousin who is in university taking classes for a dietician.


Good morning all! Yesterday I completed my fit test for Insanity, and it kicked my butt. I'm so excited to try these workouts because they are longer than Bodyrock and I prefer to follow a video that has a warm up and cool down already made up for me. I'm excited too because it will be 8 weeks long and I leave for Jamaica in 9 weeks! Let's get the body beach ready haha. I took progress pictures on Saturday so I'm also anxious to see what changes will take place. Cheers! -- Kelsey Fit test:

13 weeks since I started Bodyrocking!

I realized today that it has been a while since I took progress pictures. It really helps when you take pictures and measure yourself rather than going by weight. I do still weigh myself, but more out of curiosity than to gauge my progress. Here are the pictures!! (I should have tried getting a better picture of my legs)

Those damn carbs!!

I feel pretty lucky that there are quite a few people I work with that are into health and fitness too. I was discussing diet and food with one of my colleagues and she said that she can't give up carbs because she always feels hungry without them. I almost laughed because I WAS THE SAME WAY!! I was always convinced that I would not be able to feel full without my glorious breads, pastas, etc. I think I was partially saying this because I couldn't stand the thought of giving up my favorite food - perogies. However, now that I'm on my way to cleaning up my diet (still a work in progress definitely) I am happy to report that it is possible! I had my serious doubts that veggies, fruits, and anything that didn't have grains would actually fill me up. I'm by no means saying that it was easy, it was torture for me actually, but after the first week it definitely got easier. I used to have my McDonald's egg McMuffin (with no meat) and a hashbrown EVERY week day. In

Camping and hiking!

I'm disappointed because I was really looking forward to working out outside but it's been fairly cold out (and raining) BUT we went on a nice long hike. Lots of hills and rocks to climb. Our home away from home :) Can you tell I liked the purple flowers? lol. I'm addicted to purple if you haven't noticed yet. :) I hope you all have a great weekend!! -- Kelsey

Busy and camping!

Good afternoon!! I've got a crazy busy night tonight. Get home, do workout, shower, do laundry, pack for camping, prepare making for salad for food day at work tomorrow, maybe lay on the couch? and bedtime! I'm tired just thinking about it. For someone who works out 5 days a week I sure am lazy haha. When I'm not working out my favorite place is my couch with the remote in my hand. Which is one of the reasons I'm forcing myself to go camping this weekend. (I have such a hard time being away from my kitties though) :( Aren't they adorable? I'm a proud cat lady and can talk about them (and animals in general) for hours and hours. I'm lucky enough that one of my best friends (that I met through work) is a fellow cat enthusiast and my family is as well :D  (these wouldn't rotate even though they were saved correctly, weird)  Any way, back to this hectic weekend: I'm also excited to try working out outside. I probably won'

Good morning!

Good morning to who ever is actually reading my blog!! I'm in a fairly good mood today :) It must be those awesome pushups I did yesterday, heehee. I was having my snack on my break and it included a hard boiled egg. The damn thing nearly killed me. I think I have the beginning stages of a sinus infection/cold and the chalky yolk got stuck in my wind pipe and almost came out of my nose. It sounds funny now but it was an awful experience lol. I hope everyone has an amazing day and rock that workout!! -- Kelsey

Proper pushups

OH MY GOSH!! I did REAL pushups today in my workout. This whole time I'd do a few throughout the workout and the rest on my knees but today I pushed myself really hard. I'm so proud of myself and I feel so bad ass being able to do them now hahaha. 30+ baby!! Holy cow!! Now I'm off for grocery shopping. Did you do your workout today?? --Kelsey

Grocery list staples

I mentioned in my food section that once you have a well stocked fridge that a salad is easy to make and you have so many options. It took me a few trips and days of eating fresh food to learn what my staples are. I buy food for myself only so I have to be careful how much I'm buying at once or else it all goes bad before I can finish it. Here is a list of my staple foods: - unsweetened almond milk - baby spinach - 1% cottage cheese - oatmeal - bananas - frozen berries (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries) - veggie burgers from Costco - skinless/boneless chicken breast - flavored tuna (great to mix with salad or pasta) - fresh salmon fillets - fresh lemons - grapes - cherries - nectarines - apples - free run eggs - egg whites (I can't justify using part of an egg so I buy a carton of egg whites) - bell peppers (orange, red, yellow, and green) - mini cucumbers - sugar snap peas - baby carrots - raw unsalted nuts (walnuts, pistachios, cashews) - Presi

Want to start but you're intimidated?

A fellow bodyrocker has started her own blog and she films and posts beginner workouts :)

My story

So I finally have some time this morning before I do my workout for the day. Sorry if I'm all over the place in this story but my brain usually works faster than my fingers :) During high school I started gaining weight when I had been a size 00 and looked like a 9 year old boy until grade 10. I started gaining the most weight on my stomach (which both sides of my family seem to have the "pooch") and I was determined to get into shape. My mom went to Curves so there weren't any recent workout tapes so I resorted to Susan Powter's (HAHA!) but they got me warmed up and were a bit of a challenge. I was completely unaware that I also had to change my diet. After I graduated, I started doing Turbo Jam religiously: 4+ days a week. Again, I wasn't really seeing results because I was convinced I didn't eat that bad. I was basically keeping myself from gaining more fat. I did this for about 6 months and then I met my boyfriend. I was consumed by the new love st

More to come!!

I'm so excited now that I can actually use this haha. I will be spending quite a bit of time this weekend (hopefully) to upload all the stuff I had on my iPod. Thanks for reading :)


Welcome to my page, I've been testing out a few blogging sites. More to come!