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Zumba Faves

Have you hit a plateau?

I see people at work and restaurants eating salads, yogurt, fruit, and other healthy foods and notice they're still overweight. The people at work I've seen for years eating their healthy foods but are the still the same size. What's the problem?


I know what you're thinking... "It's not winter! Why is she making chili?!" I do normally prefer salads in the summer but hey, I needed a change from my usual foods. I used the recipe on the package of the veggies as a guideline because I wanted more protein/fat and fewer carbs than the recipe called for.

Fooooood (groceries)

I wasn't going to go grocery shopping yet but I realized after making my stir fry that I'm short on veggies. I knew I wanted the broccoli slaw for PM snack but then I saw the cabbage so I had to buy it so I can roast it up, yum! I also knew that I wanted ground beef again because I'm sick of fish and I can only do chicken once a day. When I was looking in the frozen veg section I found this bag of chili veggies. Perfect! I've bought their stir fry blend before and thought it was great so off I went to find the rest of the ingredients that I didn't have at home. You can find the recipe here.\ It's preached a lot that you need to go to the grocery store with a game plan - plan your meals, make your shopping list, and only buy what's on the list. However, if you're getting bored of the same stuff sometimes it can be beneficial to have a loose plan. Know what kind of protein or veggie you want and then find stuff at the store to go with it. I've

Chicken stir fry - peppers, broccoli, asparagus

I've been craving stir fry for over a week so that's what I'm having for lunches this week. I had broccoli and asparagus in my freezer and I have bell peppers that needed to be used.

It's finally summer!!

What a great weekend and I'm super late with posting this haha. I started it on Monday and have been busy since! I started slo pitch the other week so I have that on Tuesday evenings and then Monday evening was one of my best friend's birthday dinner. 

'Taco' salad

I wanted to switch things up for my meals so I decided I wanted taco salad for lunches. I originally just wanted something with ground beef so I went from there. This salad is delicious and tastes like a taco. You could definitely add taco chips if you wanted to but I wanted to keep it lower calorie and lower in carbs. I used Kraft BBQ Ranch dressing but would have just used sour cream/Greek yogurt and salsa if I had it.


I went camping this past week from Tuesday evening to Friday afternoon. I'll admit that I over indulged this week but I'm pulling the reins in a bit today since I have a BBQ to attend. I worked out on Tuesday before camping, did cardio and abs on Wednesday in the campsite, took a rest day on Thursday, and worked out yesterday after I got home. I have this thing where I have to earn my shower. I was in desperate need of a shower since it was so hot the last few days so I wanted to do a quick workout before having one. I ended up doing 50 minutes of The Fitness Marshall's dance videos and my core is nice and sore today.