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Zumba Faves

Bodyrock May 2012 - 30 day challenge - November 2013

Alright, I'm starting the May 2012 30 day challenge because the workout are shorter than their most recent challenge. A few of us in my fitness group are starting this today and I'm really excited because I did a BR workout last week and I was sore (in a good way) for a few days. My goal is to do the scheduled workout for the challenge and do one of the following: add skipping/high knees between each exercise, a Turbo Fire HIIT, a T25 cardio video, running on the treadmill, or the stationary bike. Week 1 - DAY 1 This is the intermediate level skill test. Click on the link to view the other skill levels for your fitness level. Set your interval timer to 10 Seconds rest & 50 Seconds work. Complete the Following Circuit 3 time through. 1) Squat & Press – Using the Pink Sandbag ( with 20 lbs of cat litter ) - 20, 17, 14 2) Push-Up & Clean & Press – Using the Pink

Lazy lunches

This weekend I really didn't feel like prepping so while I was at Costco I bought one of their rotisserie chickens and a bag of yams. I normally buy the Normandy style frozen vegetables there too but my freezer is so packed so I bought a small bag from Superstore the other week. This bag was really cool - you just throw it in the microwave on a plate for 8 minutes. I baked the yams at 450F for 30 minutes, flipped them, and baked for another 20-30 (depending on the size), and while those were cooking and steaming I prepared the chicken. This took me less than 15 minutes to prepare all together. Viola!

Egg wrap

I made this wrap the other week for dinner. It was so good and the tastes of everything combined were a party in my mouth. I scrambled 1 or 2 eggs (I can't remember) with 1/4 of egg whites. Mash 1/4 or 1/2 and avocado in the middle of the wrap in a strip where everything is going to be placed. Sliced up a tomato and put a few slices on top of the avocado. When your eggs are done lay them on top and sprinkle some shredded cheese on top. Add any spices you like: I used pepper and original Mrs. Dash. Last is chopped lettuce. Roll it up and leave open on one end . I usually fill my wraps too much so I end up having a hard time rolling them up haha. This is fairly high in calories due to the wrap and avocado so it should keep you full for a few hours. Or you could cut it in half to have as a snack.

Egg stacks

As you're probably aware I love eggs. They're just so easy to make and you can make them so many different ways. I had head lettuce left over from a taco dip I prepared for Thanksgiving so I had to find ways to use it up. You can't see but at the bottom of these towers are whole wheat English muffin halves. I have a poaching pan that I used to make these eggs. It's great to make 6 at a time and you can keep them in your fridge for quick meals. And a side of Brussels sprouts for my veggies.

Mandarin salad

Happy Sunday all! I went grocery shopping yesterday and holy crap is my fridge packed. I bought a lot but most of the haul was fresh veggies. This week for lunches I am taking a great big salad. For protein I'm going to use either a salmon or basa fillet. I also bought more fresh veggies to continue with my raw veggies and hummus for my afternoon snack. Yesterday I had a small bowl of frozen yogurt but I ate so many veggies. This was my dinner last night after my double up workout. On the Focus T25 schedule I did ab intervals and speed 1.0. I think speed 1.0 is my favorite video from the Alpha phase. Anyway, back to the salad: so after my shower I opened my fridge and pulled out almost every vegetable I had bought. I saw these canned mandarin oranges at the store and remembered how delicious they were in a salad I had at a restaurant before. So I chopped up 2 leaves of romaine, sugar snap peas, a mini English cucumber, cherry tomatoes, celery, and mushrooms. Top it