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Zumba Faves


As of this past Thursday at 3:40PM I am on holidays until July 6. The above picture was pretty much how I left work that day. I haven't had time off work since I went to Cuba in January (boo hoo, I know).

Serious about getting lean

After about a month of making poor food choices I decided that I've had enough of feeling icky and fluffy. So I went grocery shopping after making a meal plan and it's definitely been paying off. I had a bit of a gluttonous weekend but far better than the last 4+. 

Vlog #1, how to prep asparagus

Hey everyone!! Here is my first blog video, or vlog, if you will. I had an awesome weekend (will do a separate post) but I had to get home earlier than I normally do on a Sunday night to meal prep and do my workout since I didn't yesterday and won't be tomorrow because I'm going to a concert. As I was prepping my asparagus I was thinking about how neat this little trick is to cut it at just the right spot without wasting it or end up gnawing on it like a caveman because you left too much of the chewy stuff at the end. Let me know what you think!! If you enjoyed the video please 'like' and share it on any social media. If you'd like me to do one on something specific please let me know and I'll see what I can do :) Cheers, Kelsey

Baked broccoli

Oh my gosh, I can't believe how yummy this turned out. I was inspired from the veggies my cousin made when she was staying with me last year and wanted something different from steamed broccoli so I baked it!

Oh these weekends

I've said this the last few weekends, but wow I've been eating far too casually. I'll admit that it feels nice to just sit back and enjoy myself but I feel it on Monday. I feel 'fluffy', tired, and heavy. You know when you're on track - you're eating clean and nailing your workouts and you just feel like you could jump like an NBA star? Yeah, I feel the opposite of that.